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Are you ready to live the life you've always wanted?

The path to repairing your relationship with money starts here....

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Fixing your finances is about more than just the money...

Hey I'm Queen, and I created Unblock My Wallet™️ to do one thing: help my community improve their financial situation by repairing their relationship with money

If you landed on this page you already know that you're at a pivotal point where you're ready for the life you live in your dreams to finally become a reality or you've hit a financial transition that requires you to get your ish together

Whether you're just starting, you're ready to transition or have tried a few times to achieve one of your Major Money Goals™️, this year you absolutely must repair your relationship with money

Because it really doesn't matter how many credit repair agencies you use, budgets someone throws at you or seminars you attend your finances will continue to be frozen in time until you do the work to adjust your money mindset and financial behaviors

Let's get the debt paid off, build the credit, purchase your first home, purchase your car the right way, start a business, etc...


The Queen BluePrint®️ Presents

Unblock My Wallet™️


Hi! I'm Queen and I've helped several clients pay off 5 figure debt in under a year.

Growing up in the public assistance system my family never taught me about finances. My troubles with managing money began with my very first credit card from Citibank at 18 that I received before heading off to college and was maxed the entire $2K by the summer. 

Fortunately, I was eventually able to pay it off and repair the relationship with Citi. 4 years later I found myself in even deeper debt, $50K to be exact. I hadn't noticed how the impact my recent break up and the financial arguments with my family were having on my impulse to spend money.


I used my Bachelors in psychology, personal mental health diagnosis, and financial research along with trial and error to clear my debt in 2.5 years. Not only that but 6 months after paying off the last $20K I purchased my first home at the age of 26.

Since then I've assisted hundreds in paying down their own 5 figure debt, map out and achieve their own Major Money Goals™️

Because it's not just about the's also about your M I N D S E T

Listen to Me Speak on This

Here are the Unblock My Wallet™️ Services

The Freebies

Get the tools you need to succeed right NOW!

We have an ever-expanding vault of valuable content that is useful to every level of your financial journey. You are encouraged to take advantage of all of it!



Have you met yourself? I mean your financial self. Do you know who that person is? What triggers them? Where did they come from? What experiences have molded them?

Once we know exactly who we are financially we can begin the work of removing anything that isn't healthy. This journal/planner will allow you to reconstruct the foundation of your relationship with money and transform your finances


Take the journey with to finding a deeper understanding of why you make the financial decisions that you do, receive the tools to truly shift your money mindset, and achieve your financial goals 

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Okay so here's the thing, our upper-level paid services aren't for everyone. If you're going to buy anything that follows just to simply soak up the knowledge and not implement you might want to start with the other services and work your way up to these.

Because this material WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, YOUR FAMILY'S LEGACY and MINDSET if you whole heartedly commit to the process. I mean the Podcast, Planner, and YouTube are all dope, but this is the secret sauce in real time and you will be held accountable once you begin.

So if you're absolutely ready to begin this journey, I'm here to support you!




Repair Your Relationship with Money

In this retreat we'll break down how you can find the blockages in your finances through exploring

  • How you THINK about money

  • How you EXPERIENCE money

  • How you ACT with or without money

  • How you CONNECT to the people in your life in relation to money

  • How you HANDLE money


You'll leave with a higher understanding of why you make the financial decisions that you do and the tools to make better ones


Work With Queen

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If you feel as though you need a more personalized one on one experience I'm happy to introduce this program. Learn who you are financially and develop a customized roadmap to completing your Major Money Goals™️ while repairing your relationship with money

I take 10 new clients (couples count as 1) annually who are READY to truly adjust their money mindset, change their financial decisions, and ultimately improve their financial situation!

These sessions have allowed several clients to pay off 5 figure debt in less than a year, save 10K towards their financial

foundation and even become financially confident enough to purchase their first home. We'll walk through your financial childhood trauma's, adult financial trauma's, really get into your money story and begin creating a new narrative



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